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1 more question for now...haha
I have a few sheets of 4'x8' 1/4" plywood I pulled off an old buildings walls and want to frame it up in sections so i can throw and lock them together for an outdoor drift track. my question is what is the best way to resurface this plywood to make it waterproof and give me the best slide for a cheap buck? one side is painted with a rough primer coat since the building was just an old shop. so I was thinking of just flipping over and running a belt sander over it to give it a smooth surface no snags then give it a good heavy primer coat to fill in holes somewhat, then throwing a nice gloss top coat to give it slideability. any better or cheaper ideas would be a great help thank you

p.s the reason i building it this way is i live on a rental property in the country no where near asphalt nor does my mobile home have a basement or any out buildings to use. so this idea sprung to mind.
Wood sealer. If u are trying to save money then forget reprimer. Just get some puddy to fill holes and seal it.  The sealer will give u the smooth finish for sliding.  The puddy is ez to apply.. like bodyfiller. The sealer is your water proofing. Like a porch deck
cool thanks again david.  have layed out my plywood to the dimensions of a 24'x24' am framing each section into 8'x8' sections and using 4 wood dowls in between to keep alignment and metal box clasps to hold them together. my boss made same suggestion about the deck sealer. he also suggested to apply roofing tar to keep the noise level down.
I need to correct myself from my 1st post they are not 1/4" sheets they are 1/8"
if ya can slide it you can drift it!!

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