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10mm wide hex hubs?
Does anyone know if i can get away woth using 10 mm wide hex hubs on a sakura D3 axle? I wanted pink aluminum wheels to match the rest of the aluminum on the car, but the only ones i can find are only 3mm offset... im using the Protoform Cadillac ATS-V.R 200mm shell and i want the wheels to sit out where they should to fit the body... please help!
I've seen up to 12mm, there are probably even longer but one problem you may run into is the axel being too short to thread the wheel nut onto. Also after adding length past the kingpin the scrub on your front wheels is going to make clearing the fenders an issue.
Those are two of the things im most afraid of... not being able to thread the nut on, and the scrub being so ridiculius that i have to WAY over cut the fenders for them to clear... ive already got a few differwnt size hex hubs, but only as wide as 7mm i think. But woth what ive read, the stock wheel offset is 6mm... and its set for a 190mm body.. so im trting ti figure something out before the kit gets delivered to me, which should be either today or tomorrow...

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But why not just find some wheels that have high offset or widen the car - In the front i mostly easy but the rear can be a little more irritating.
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