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2.11 cs E4D
so last week I picked up a team magic e4d from my lhs instead of ordering something from overseas..I must say I like this chassi..there are alot of hop ups for it and it drives nice even though its my first drift chassi and I havent tried others..I drove it for about a week before ordering some ups for it and I had the 50/50 setup down is a list of what i got for my first ups

aluminum front shock tower
aluminum rear shock tower
aluminum rear plate
3x30 aluminum adjustable rod set (for front)
3x40 aluminum adjustable rod set (for front)
cs conversion kit (18t)
HItec 645mg servo

well come to find out this cs kit gives a ratio of 2.11 with the other stock gears and now it spins out like crazy and is so hard to keep a constant long drift without wipping 8around and over doing it..with the rod sets I got I tweeked the front toe and camber some sand with the stock wheels there is barely any contact on the ground (I think I over did the stance for look) so I have alot of tweeking to do to figure this cs thing out without the car wanting to just do donuts...maybe some better tires for better grip and reset the front wheel for more contact and also might get a different gear for the cs kit to frop the ratio under 2.0 so it isnt so wild..if you guys have some suggestions on how to get this chassi setup that would be great because this is my first..

[Image: 20140220_204140_zpsa95a1763.jpg][/URL][/img]
[Image: 20140220_204300_zps68804f53.jpg][/URL][/img]
[Image: 20140220_204410_zps76a1906c.jpg][/URL][/img]
[Image: CAM00604_zps486c4e9a.jpeg][/URL][/img]
[Image: CAM00607_zpsce1e4cf6.jpeg][/URL][/img]
[Image: CAM00606_zps016c4337.jpeg][/URL][/img]
Setting up your dampers also will help you control our high CS. Generally softer springs and softer damper fluid on the rear. I don't know how much steering lock your chassis has, but 1.5 CS is a good starting point. Other then setup and tuning, practice and getting used to CS will help you from spinning. Nice chassis BTW and nice to see something different and new.
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Ok ill definitely have to tune the damper some and see if that helps..ya I was going to pick up the mst ms01d kit but I was on the fence about ordering from overseas and waiting because I hate having to wait for stuff I order online lol but I found this e4d rtr at my lhs for super cheap and I got the kit, battery, charger, and all these ups for what it would cost for the mst with shipping plus I can get parts local for this..I never got to many reviews about it just a handfull and none were to bad so I decided to be different from the pack for my first..I plan on getting a chassi kit and fully build a top dollar chassi soon but wanted to keep it low for my first to see how much I would like it and now im hooked!..I will post more on this build once I get a few more things in like the aluminum rims, tires, body, and a few more chassi ups
Ahh sorry for the bump but nice to read I'm not the only one who got a team magic rtr for similar reasons ....... it's my first drift car so couldn't be bothered buying so chess is and building it up etc etc...... but do want to, I've heard good things about the DIB rs chassis ....... but I'd like to try out CS before that with my E-4D so was curious about where I can purchase the CS conversion etc.....
I think amain stocks the kit, not sure If it's sold all together, or in individual pieces though.

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i have just got the E4js cs all set up by an experience club member. It was quite a hand full at first but after the first day and two battery's used i was getting the hang of it. I am still struggling to catch it on change of direction but im loving it.

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