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3 racing aluminim y shape front lower suspension arm
So trying to achieve more steering lock without contacting the lower suspension arm. I came across these searching the interwebs. Anyone tried them do they offer any added clearance or just bling? Any advice would be helpful. I was thinking of adding these and the 3racing kpi knuckles for more lock. Thanks un advance for any help.
I forgot to mention that i have a d4 rwd. I am having issues with the driver side front tire lockong when drifting at much angle. Would greater offset wheels help?
i have stock setting with usukani knuckle. i had a problem with wheel touching lower arm & steering lock at full angle. my solution was 9mm offset wheel & reducing EPA of steering on radio. im sure other experts at DM can top this with better solution.
Thanks for the reply. Yeah i tinkered a bit tonight and found out that the driver side front wheel was binding so i removed those little screws that lock them into the arms that seemed to free it up. Much better drifts in both directions now. It seems as though a lot of people.are running usukani knuckles but they are hard to find i may give the 3racing kpi knuckles a go. Did u gain any more lock with the knuckles and more offset? I would ultimately like to get some.more angle on my drifts without the dreaded snap spin.
reducing epa from my experience doesnt work... unless you are not using a gyro or if your gyro has its own epa setting (i have not used one, not sure if there is one).

using a wider stance works. i ran 9mm offset wheels and a 5mm hex hub with a 1mm spacer on my usukani knuckles.
Wow. That's a lot of offset. I bought a subaru gt86 with wide track kit and plan to get 11mm offset wheel. I tried 9mm offset at home and that seems 1 mm short to get lined up with the added fender without touching the lower arm. I'll be able to confirm 100 % once I put everything together.
About epa on radio, yes I have a gyro installey and the gyro does have a setting on the unit. Can't be sure if it's epa setting though. Never touched yet.
Again, to be clear, I'm still in the process of building & haven't had a chance to drive full time yet. All the comments from me are the combination of observation & test.
Vlozity was right. The steering got locked at full angle wit epa reduction.
I turned the gain down on my gyro and placed it in the front right behind the sterring arm. With the gain turned down seems to keep it from reaching full lock and i am able to get a little better drift and hold it longer. Also in the front at least in my case seems to be less twitchy it was near the esc fan earlier not sure if thay would have cause any interference but it is definetely smoother now. What do you guys think of boom racing stuff i have been reading up about there knuckles and steering assembly. Looks like you can adjust ackerman via the steering bar and the knuckles look pretty good also. No where near as many adjustment holes as usukani but far cheaper easier to find. I dont compete so not lookong for perfecrion so to speak just looking to gain some more angle and a little more speed in the drifts. Do the upper and lower arms need to be replaced when trying to gain more lock or will the woder stance compensate for any touching?
Well i got a little carried away this morning on boomracings website and ordered the knuckles, monoshock system, upper and lower aluminim arms, and the steering system. Also have some 9mm offset wheels coming to try out. I havent seen a lot of reviews on the stuff so i will post some pics and give my intital review when it all arrives. I am pretty happy with d4 and its a fun car to drive hoping this will allow for a little more angle.
I have been reading a lot about steering setups and geometry. I happened across a video last night and it went into detail about programming your esc. That is one thing I have not even thought about changing. The major thing that caught my attention was having your drag brake set to 0. Wow what a difference that made. Previously when I felt my self about to spin I would let off the throttle causing the back wheels to partially lock up loose all speed and maybe even contribute to the spin. Now I feel like I have a lot more control and the drifts are much smoother. This is probably a very basic thing that most know but if noobs like myself are reading this I would def say turn drag brake off!

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