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3 racing Sakura d4
Putting together d4 and was wondering if I need a sencored motor or not and what gyro is best for rwd
Sensored is recommended for rwd because its smoother.
Some people actually use sensorless or brushed and get away with it too though.
As for gyro idk. I just use a cheap gws and works fine.
Hpi E10.CSD
Sakura D4 RWD
As mentioned above, sensored brushless are far smoother so better in the long run. 
It will be easier for you to master throttle control. 
For gyro, anything based on the D-Like gyro is great. whether it's the Onisiki or Yeah Racing or Boom Racing one, these are all really smooth, have a third channel gain adjustment, and are quite affordable. 
older gyro with screw gain adjustment are ok also however they take more time to fine tune.
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Hi was just wondering what knuckles would be preferably better for good adjustment and wheel angle thanks

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