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3d printing
Hey all, not sure if it has been done already, but as I am new here, I will try my luck.

3d printing has come long way, and as I wait for my parts to arrive I look into option parts made on 3d printers. Im sure there are many designs ready, but probably not as many available. So when ever you see a ready design that can be re-used, share a link :) This will save bunch of time for people who may not want to learn all design aspects of 3d printing, and just simply want to re-use someones work to save time.

Lets make this list generic, so anything that you see, if its rims, bumpers, 1/10 accessories like bottles, tables, chairs, throw a link here :) It will take you a minute of effort, but will save someone hours of struggle.


And ill start:

Truggy rims

Gas can:


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(04-12-2016, 11:49 AM)pro0fun Wrote:  Shovel:

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Your best source will be GrabCAD.
It's free and tons of creator put free stuff on there.
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Perfect :) thanks for input. If anyone finds anything else cool, please share)

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This is super cool, could totally sell some items. would love to see a roof rack made, or a wing

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