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3Racing Sakura D3 CS Drift
During our drift comp at Chilli 2012 one of the guys brought his new 3Racing Sakura D3 CS Drift chassis out with him. At the time it was fully stock so he did not have a front one way for it yet but I am very impressed with how this chassis does perform and it looks very nice as well.

looks great i really need to build mine, would you know of a link for the front oneway ? i would love to get one for my rig
All people are using from what I hear is the front one way from the Sakura Zero chassis. I do not have a link but ebay might be your best bet as I heard lots of places are out of stock.
3racing finnaly released a FOW for the d3. I found it on
here's the Sakura Zero S FOW at  rcMart Zero FOW
And the D3 FOW at  rcMart D3 FOW

The Zero one way and the D3 one way uses the same tube!
(11-04-2012, 09:09 AM)Dorvack Wrote:  Nice video.

I don't have a one-way in mine, but that's only because I'm trying to tune the chassis for RWD and basically have a gap where the front spool shold be.

It's an interesting chassis, but not that cheap once you throw some option parts on it...


Any luck with the RWD drift? I see in the waru video that featured the Wrap Up Next FR-D it said they were using a gyro. I have seen setups that use a supper loose servo saver to let the front tires to stay rolling in the intended direction. But a gyro might be the answer in taming a rwd chassis. I am sure a gyro in a RWD car would only help you drive it. I'm sure its just as hard to drive RWD with a gyro, as it is to drive a cs car with out a gyro.

Nice work on the video! The footage is crystal clear! Your track layout and surface is steller too!

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Here is a vid I found of a really good rwd setup. He is using a supper loose servo saver so the tires can find just the right angle so it keeps you from spinning out the rear. Kinda the same type of thing a gyro would be doing. Just the finite control that you cant feel from the controler. Anyways I will leave you with some awesome rwd footage!

Promoting radio controlled drifting to the masses since 2009

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