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3Racing Sakura D4 Chassis
Interesting concept about the battery being mounted behind the shock tower, and on its side as well.
The D4 looks awesome! and the D3 will always have a home in a Drifter's Garage, it's just that RWD is becoming really popular and someone needs to step to MST's and Eagle Racing's shine. I hope it's going to be as affordable as the D3. Doubt it though.
The Asiatees blog stated $140 usd. I'd be willing to pay more for a version that has all the option parts and bling from the get go.
Don't be a douche and help the next guy.

Saw video. Chassis shows alot of promise. Definitely not another "TC with hard plastic tires" drift car. Suspension and steering both look great. More than likely the price will be great too. Here's to hoping the quality will be great too.
Don't be a douche and help the next guy.

Pre orders being taken,
2wd $120
4wd $130
Yesterday I saw that RCMart has the 2wd for preorder @$109 and the 4wd @$114.

Oh yeah, its free shipping!

I want to do it but I want to see a review and option parts first.
Don't be a douche and help the next guy.

Good deal! I almost bit the bullet on the rwd from asiatees but it was $38 postage. Plus there's still another 6-8 week wait
Latest video...

Don't be a douche and help the next guy.


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