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3Racing Sakura D4 Chassis
3Racing just released CAD images of what's in the works for the D4.  PREORDER IMMINENT!

CF Chassis
[Image: 10983361_933824636663734_717412996621973...e=56164535]

Front monoshock
[Image: 11060086_933824656663732_765505400441167...e=5625CD93]

Bagi suspension
[Image: 11054483_933824686663729_416842873426492...e=561BE7A1]

Steering slide rack
[Image: 1962718_933824709997060_1730425096015458...e=561AFD81]

Xeon (sp?)  suspension, I like!
[Image: 11028010_933824729997058_665172590551879...e=5614F11B]

Here's the thing, even if you're not interested in the D4, the fact that 3racing will/might release these means there will be more parts out there on the market to tinker with.  Better still, you'll probably find these on RCMart, Asiatees, or eBay instead or hunting high and low on  or giving Ando from Tetsujin a holler.
Don't be a douche and help the next guy.

I don't think I'll preorder, although I was going too as it's reasonably priced. I would just like to hear some feedback, too many rumours and what ifs at the minute
seems interesting, but im not totally sure if ill be getting it...
Debating between this, the Eagle TA05 RWD or converting my XXX-D.

Surprised me how converting a car that I already have will cost the most. I really like this chassis though, just the idea of a poor mans Vacula.
Don't be a douche and help the next guy.

Did anyone get the car yet? Im anxiously waiting for some consumer reviews.
I think there's a couple of weeks yet?
They put the manual for the D4s online today. I like how this thing goes together, and think it will make a good chassis. Seems like they did their homework on the design. I did the pre-order combo through rcmart.

RWD Manual:

Eagle Racing TT02 FRD
Sakura D3 & D4

Visit my blog: Mod19 RC
IG: @RexRacer19

[Image: IMG_2485c_zpsnoqm5qqh.jpg]
It's looking real good. Got sidetracked though. I had a wad of cash set aside for this and ended up splurging on my D413. Grrrrrrrr.
Don't be a douche and help the next guy.

F*ck it, just ordered!
Don't be a douche and help the next guy.

Nice did you get the combo deal? Those omg servos are meant to be pretty good.
What is everyone getting? Awd or rwd?

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