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3Racing Sakura D4 Chassis
Going RWD. Got just the chassis. I have an even faster and stronger Radiopost servo for this.

But dammit, I might have a CC issue with this order so it may not even go through
Don't be a douche and help the next guy.

Nice, I'm definitely looking forward to the rwd reviews.
kind of curiou sif the d4 parts will be useable on the d3.... just a thought considering its name
(07-01-2015, 08:24 PM)Chiefy707 Wrote:  Debating between this, the Eagle TA05 RWD or converting my XXX-D.

I've thought about the D4 for a long time, but i found a post with a guy who turned his EA TT02 GRT into a nice rwd so i went at ordered that given that the price is almost twice as much (D4 is 120 and the TT02 GRT is 210$, with alu sus. upgrades) but there you also get carbon instead of the "FRB" material.

Will post it went it is done :)
Asiatees are offering 15% off everything, I don't know if that'll make it cheaper than rcmart?
I fought with myself about this chassis. I remember how people were having issues with the D3.. I was torn between the D4 rwd and the ever popular FXX-D.. Weighed the financial options and pre-ordering the D4 proves to be a better choice for me. Plus, it's fricken sweet. And it comes with the same servo I have in my MS01D..
[Image: JDMxGaijinCIrcuitCoverPhotoGroupPage_zps8c93a87b.jpg]
The snooty elitist prick in me is saying "eff this cheap pos, convert and bling the sh*t out of your XXX-D"

The level headed practical thinker in me says, "Save money so I can still race off road"

So one preorder later, I'm still racing off road.
Don't be a douche and help the next guy.

Well i received my TT02 GRT and it is great looking, so much eye candy - has stripped it down and slammed other parts on it, testing goes sunday so we will see how she performs against my TT02 FRD, if it similar/better - it's my new rwd, but - less similar/worse - then it's CS with it.
MST XXX-D VIP - CS 2.0 - Main


MST RMX-S 2.0 - RWD - Secondary
Has anyone had delivery conformation yet? Almost ordered one a second ago! Just didn't want to face the backlash off of the missus!

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