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40t/10t (D-like) ring/pinion retrofit into Associated tc3 diff?
I have a tc3 I've been 50/50 drifting for a few months now. 0deg rear toe mod, front axles/steering modded for 45deg of throw (stock is like 30),a 1way,and some plastic azenis. It's a blast, but driving my buddy's cs'd car is more fun, and has me wanting cs! I fully plan on a buying either the d3, or an MS-01d soon, but I thought jus for fun maybe I'd try modding my tc a bit more.
Found this (d-like) 40/10 ring/pinion setup intended for a yokomo for $28, and with the tc3's 40/16t 2.5:1 diffs I could have a nice 60% cs'd tc3. With some fab/ingenuity it might work??? I'm ok with custom "if" it's possible ;) Main obstacle I see is the fractional sizing of the tc3 vs metric sizing of the yokomo parts for bearing sizing on the pinion, and then the physical size of the ring gear fitting inside the tc3 diff housing.
it could work but id be skeptical... theres not alot of room in the diff housings as is and the bearing sizes could definitly hinder performance
I dont have any input on this matter. But I am definitely curious to the turn out cuz I got 2 tc4 I so badly want to cs but like u  ill try anything. All I did is throw in lock diff in front n back and thats fun. Increased my steering but had few problems with rim cutting into shock cup. Then I got the crazy idea to get a oneway for hpi e10 but I think its gonna take lots of modifying. Im kinda discouraged but I figure I would keep it as a gran turing car and get me a d3 too. ive been saving my pocket change.

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