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50/50 setups
So just to add to the 50/50 section, if u are running 50/50 what setup are u using, as far as suspension oil stiffer up front or rear, or whatever u run to make your drifter handle like u want!!!
tc4 with kpi mod and suspension mods using super soft front tamiya shocks (RED) hpi dampers 100weight oils in both
running 9* caster
no toe
camber in front 8*
camber in rear 4*
element 3300kv brushless 4pole motor and esc
other than that the chassis is bone stock other than esc motor and spektrum radio

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I'm running an HPI Sprint 2 Drift with 50/50 (I want to try CS some day) and I noticed locking the rear diff (used the wedging body pins into gears method) and changing the rear shock mounts from stock to stiffen the rear end (top mounted on outer most hole, bottom mounted on inner hole) really helped. The car used to always want to understeer (push), now it will oversteer easier, once the rear end comes around you have to be ready for it with some serious counter steering or it will spin out. For bigger drift angle sooner in the turn it helps to turn away from the direction of the turn a little, then turn into the turn with a kick of throttle.

I say it is a must to lock the rear diff and stiffen the rear end, without this the car is really hard to initiate a drift for a noob.
I use a Yokomo DRB 50/50 with a custom HPI center one-way. it has a ball diff in front with a little extra weight on the front bumper and a spool in the rear. Soft springs front and rear and keep the chassis low.

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I run a center and front one way with a spool in the back.

Front is softer than rear, dont know the oil density.

Front has 3 mm of droop while the rear is droopless and really hard, the spring compressed 30 percent when car is lifted off the ground.

Front camber is around 7 degrees, rear around half that.

60 grams in the front bumper and inverted tires did the most difference after installing stage 1 and 2 upgrades along with the centre one way.

Running yokomo r4 tires on carpet.

Body pic

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