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50/50 tuning
So the extent of my tuning is pretty limited and I'd like to learn more about tuning the suspension and gearing.  Trying different tire compounds, springs and shock oils and tuning my motor/esc with CastleLink is what I've done until now.  Now that I'm building a new chassis, I want to set it up as best as possible for drift.  I'm building a new HPI RS4 Sport 3.  It's a shaft driven chassis.

Currently on my Sprint 2 I generally run super soft springs rear and medium in front.  Rear shocks as straight up and down as possible and front layed out as much as possible. I also run a decent amount of camber up front and less in the rear.  I also have toe in 3° I think in the rear and none up front.  This has yielded the best results for me on that chassis.

I know a different chassis will respond differently, but would this basic setup be a good start for my new chassis?  Should I run more or less toe, camber or anything?
Also, I'm running stock 27t pinion and 75t spur.  Would there be a more ideal combo to help initiate drifts and make acceleration more smooth?
HPI Sprint 2 Flux - full carbon fiber/aluminum upgrades 50/50
HPI Sprint 2 Flux - RWD project
HPI RS4 Sport 3  - carbon fiber/aluminum shelf queen

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