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Hey guys been a while since Ive been on the site, thought id share with you a few of my recent work as well as the garage photo booth I built. Everything is a work in progress as I plan to do more to pretty much everything. there is some awesome work on here and its fun to come get some inspiration. Let me know what you think, Thanks!

[Image: 20099587366_3f5ab8d3a2_b.jpg]

[Image: 19503224294_305673fdaf_b.jpg]
[Image: 26458646061_2b0311409b_b.jpg]

[Image: 26524731205_6a9e8bf70d_b.jpg]

[Image: 26432399762_e4bb0f9f63_b.jpg]

[Image: 26432399062_e3fe1aa97f_b.jpg]

[Image: 26251877850_325537e40a_b.jpg]

[Image: 26251877330_06611e0018_b.jpg]

[Image: 25921854733_3c5b7d44bc_b.jpg]
Nice job on the photobooth. Roughly how big is it and does it knock down for storage?

Also, I like the Millennium Jade paint.

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Thanks, the booth is about 4ft wide, and no it is built into a shelving section in my garage so I am unable to take it down.

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