D1NZ Team Achilles Bruce Tannock RB S13

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Hi Guys,

this is my year 2014 competition body, it is the replica of D1NZ Team Achilles Bruce Tannock RB S13. i'm not really the fans of D1NZ but i really dig the livery of the machine so i replica it into 1/10 scale. the body is D-like S13 with Maruma front & rear fenders & addiction RB F/R Bumper.the body painted with pure tamiya white n stick up with wrap-up 3D decals on the light bucket and the rest are self made decals.

[Image: 11919563115_56052ff457_c.jpg]

[Image: 11919857593_65f8b5fd9c_c.jpg]

[Image: 11919563115_56052ff457_c.jpg]

Team Achilles Saito Daigo SC430 & Bruce Tannock RB S13
[Image: 11919580835_e09e1aca0b_c.jpg]

[Image: 11920041144_88b9e3b3e8_c.jpg]

here is the real car
[Image: 11920073163_df954730e1_c.jpg]

more touch up will be added,roll cage, intercooler n muffler...
Looks awesome mate

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