First Pandora S13 project build

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This is my first attempt at my own body build and not only that it's been done with 1 hand so far with a little help from the Mrs.

So I received the shell yesterday from Japan and couldn't wait to get stuck in and have my first go at trimming which was a little difficult but we got there. I did take a picture of the trimmed clear body but fingers got sore and didn't realise it was blurry.

[Image: 7e23c150622de72cbb75afa4ec75ba66.jpg]

I chose to go with Tamiya bright red or at least until it ran out and I had to order more. With the red I thought white hpi te37 wheels would set the colour off and I think it's beginning to look good, just need to wait for more paint before the final result but here's what it looks like so far

[Image: 24ff347147145f4756df16aa6a44dc60.jpg]

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