GCRC Raceway - Gold Coast

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It was a quiet night at Gold Coast RC Raceway. (that's Australia, near Surfers paradise.)
a quick video .
One take two laps max for each setup shot. We didn't do too bad.
We run top line or RC-Art HDPE carpet tyres or similar on Polished Concrete
Slow scale speed with these cars are all around CS 2.2ish
2x Yokomo DRB and 2x MST XXX-VIP in this video
A good motor for this track is 17.5 or 21.5

other guys are running more CS at the track also. Up around 3.5
awsome video russ!!!! very JDM
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Thanks Robb
Ive watched this one many times. I like it.
Of course we all drive like crap when the video is on. haha.

I'll try and take one with another guy here. Let's give him a nickname "Mr Benchmark"
He runs a super consistent lead line. (now he is learning to chase.)
I usually adjust my power setting to his chassis.
1% either way can make a big difference for leading or chasing. door to door and tyre on door.
We can usually get them perfectly matched.

And go lap after lap.
The pace is looking good russ. I love polished concrete as it is a great leveler. Almost any over power or under goes away and allows for near seamless on door drifts :-)

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nice!...can't wait to drift with you guys next monthSmileSmile
Should be fun.
For those who dont know,

Australia's gold coast has a large indoor drift venue. Polished concrete.

Now much bigger than before.


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