Hint for wider fender - and where to get it.

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Hi. Sorry my bad english. Thats my first rc-car build and its not ready yet, some sticker and trimming still need. Now there is 5mm offset wheels and too much camber. I buy nice set of wheels with 12mm offset and wanna use them.. so any hints for suitable fender to modify for 1/10 vette's body.. Thanks

Its looks very nice dude [emoji106]?[emoji106]?[emoji106]?

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Try D craft, RC Art or ABC Hobby for fender flares that you can bolt on to the existing body. If that is still not wide enough, you can custom fit Addiction RB fenders.
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Demi Works also makes a few non-body-specific fenders that might work. It'll be a little trial and error since I don't think there's anything designed specifically for your body but that'll be the fun of it.

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