Let's see those Mazdas!!!!

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My Yokomo M7 RE Amemiya w/ Tetsujin Rims. I was going to go full D1 decals, hence the white body color, but decided against it and will panel-line it instead.

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Some new shots of the FD3S.

[Image: 4d5709ab173318e6f3820a1e6efcc4a2.jpg]
[Image: 8faa7e0490b49e1a7dcc87e4b5954709.jpg]

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This was my first attempt at paint. Originally tried to paint it purple, but the paint ran terribly (Don't paint outside in the winter kids). backed it with black and you can hardly tell it was purple. This body is pretty much destroyed now from learning to drift. The wing lasted about 5 minutes. Hoping to get a new FC body before June. I'm going to a drift comp in Virginia Beach.

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My rx7 by Tamiya with demiworks body parts.[Image: d0cf13ca8b9b5cb81d5f9d20cff1592d.jpg][Image: 9f597fb1bfc325a1cd87120883e57f0c.jpg]
Our Samurai's from Drift Crew Bodensee[Image: 92baff6f69ee658dba128caa4503d0d3.jpg]

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