Lets see those American Muscle cars!!!

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@madmike. What company made the body?? That is sick!!
(04-18-2015, 08:55 PM)jwyant Wrote: @madmike.  What company made the body??  That is sick!!

It's an hpi shell
Thanks, I might have to get one of those!!

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looking for some advice, picked up the PF 71 Firebird body and trying to match it up on a tt-02 chassis set up for a Carrera 911 RSR.  Attempted 6mm offset and Vatererra wheels neither come close to filling out the wells.   what I'm looking for is a rubber set of wheels and tires that will fill out the body.  Scale dynamics are rad but don't want plastic drift tires.

thank in advance,
HPI makes some wheels with 31mm and 34mm widths that they have rubber tires for. Not exactly sure of the offsets, but I know they fit some very wide bodies.
Or you could try some MST wheels that have really high offset like 11mm but still use standard rubber tires.
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My 69 camaro. Sorry for the bad pics Smile

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just finished this one...well for now at least. hpi 68 camaro body

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