Lets see those Evo's & WRX's

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Top Secret Hobbies EVO

[Image: 2d9r0pk.jpg]
Wow , you guys are talented !  

mine is not even a shell yet , i have to source the right plastic sheets , but here is the mold...
a street mod version based on the tamiya2005wrc shell
(new front and rear bumpers + smooth joint of the rear fenders on the side doors + shaved handles + new hood scoop)
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I didn't make this body it came with my MS-01D RTR. [Image: 265716a4342328296ea26b4427699198.jpg]

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[Image: c319e9bb698ab46c56225a98805851be.jpg]
    My first body after 20years away from rc. My Evo X
Hey nice Evo where'd you get the fog light from?
killer bodies is the company producing them. purchased mine from modelsport.
I like the carbon on the bonnet an7iVirus, it looks more to scale than most of seen. What brand is it?
This is my evo 9 with Voltex body kit.[Image: ae2f9529a8e7f8e7802b70f24d5f9c04.jpg][Image: ab0b5d67c1f4460b3fabbdd72556c36e.jpg]

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