Lets see those Evo's & WRX's

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[Image: 143306d1257892251-rc-tribute-dsc_0245.jpg]

[Image: 143303d1257892145-rc-tribute-dsc_0242.jpg]

[Image: 143304d1257892175-rc-tribute-dsc_0243.jpg]
(07-05-2013, 02:57 PM)methkilab Wrote: [Image: 143306d1257892251-rc-tribute-dsc_0245.jpg]

[Image: 143303d1257892145-rc-tribute-dsc_0242.jpg]

[Image: 143304d1257892175-rc-tribute-dsc_0243.jpg]

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[Image: 2uyj66c.jpg]

[Image: 2lxuzpk.jpg]

[Image: nqafsw.jpg]

Very nice looking shell. The blue really looks great on it.
here's my Rexies and Evo!
[Image: IMG_8982.jpg]

[Image: IMG_8817.jpg]

[Image: IMG_76781.jpg]

[Image: IMG_7989.jpg]

[Image: IMG_8917.jpg]

[Image: IMG_8908.jpg]

[Image: IMG_8960.jpg]

[Image: IMG_8894.jpg]

[Image: IMG_8222.jpg]

[Image: IMG_8183.jpg]
Some pictures of my evo, it's my first shell and my everyday drifter. Enjoy Smile

[Image: null_zpsc50b466c.jpg]

[Image: null_zpse895dfab.jpg]

[Image: null_zps32145a77.jpg]

[Image: null_zps289076e5.jpg]

[Image: null_zps8686dfb4.jpg]

[Image: null_zps944e7571.jpg]

[Image: null_zps61c4f957.jpg]
[Image: RCDrift1202016_zps3cb0f0cd.jpg]

[Image: RCDrift1102271_zps271491ba.jpg]

[Image: RCDrift130310_zpsc8b1a363.jpg]

[Image: RCDrift1303106_zps29881bc9.jpg]

[Image: RCDrift1202015_zps7e65ec45.jpg]
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my first shell/practice shell

[Image: 969009_695943257087553_1931494957_n.jpg]

[Image: 993319_698192923529253_1378839624_n.jpg]

[Image: 945174_698192660195946_663831321_n.jpg]
[Image: 026_zps32775320.jpg]

[Image: 025_zps51d1b020.jpg]

[Image: 012_zpsfd19a613.jpg]

[Image: 029_zpsff564a8b.jpg]
SG Local Evo 3 Done Up by Street Revolution Rc

[Image: 215089_1963034315310_3444727_n.jpg]

[Image: 284006_1963035435338_3494641_n.jpg]

[Image: 226147_1963035875349_5384310_n.jpg]
My favorite STI that I did awhile back! I love this color combo.

[Image: P1010102.jpg]
howd you do the cage in the suby? I have done one in my gtr but cannot get the right look that Im going for . Kinda like what is in your suby.
(08-15-2013, 03:59 AM)TopSecret MILTOT Wrote: [Image: 026_zps32775320.jpg]

[Image: 025_zps51d1b020.jpg]

[Image: 012_zpsfd19a613.jpg]

[Image: 029_zpsff564a8b.jpg]

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