MY Holden Monaro AKA Pontiac GTO Drifter

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Hey guys long time looker first time poster so here goes I brought the RC car off eBay it was gold which is a Holden Monaro CV8Z colour so I needed to strip the paint to make it black like my actual car so I brought Tamiya body cleaner which is meant to remove the paint so after doing so for 30mins I only managed to remove a 1inch X 1inch square of paint :='(: so I decided to use a dish scouring pad which removed the paint perfectly except for the door lines and detail lines etc.. so spent 2 days scrubbing and was finally ready for black paint now if you want to remove paint like I did do not do windows or anything you want clear as paint will not fix that :=L: but as the scouring pad is not very abrasive the paint filled in all the little scratches as you will see in before and after photos so don't be shy to put some elbow grease into it or do a test piece and see for yourself also notice the scratches on the inside of the shell and than the finished paint job you can not see them only marks on the outside of the shell from previous owner so here's some pics hope you guys like it :B):

Actual Car:
[Image: IMG_1691_zps86a4c2c2.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1693_zps7b4ec0af.jpg]

RC Car Before Paint Removal:
[Image: IMG_1813_zps8aad8ed2.jpg]

Process Of Removal:
[Image: IMG_1981_zpsf6dfbe9b.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1979_zps16158daa.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1982_zps520b6e0e.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1980_zpsbfa11d88.jpg]

After Painting:
[Image: IMG_1989_zps901cd1fc.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1991_zps2cd0c409.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1990_zps166a4687.jpg]
Those mst fx wheels in 8 mm offset should fit well
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that's an oddly wide Monaro with vented bonnet... any idea who made it?

There's an early version made by GV, looks better narrower 190mm
plus its got rear wing & mirrors.

Ironically I've been meaning to paint it "tiger" Big Grin
[Image: MRCsig.gif]
the shell is made by Great Vigor and most of the Great Vigor holden and ford shells are mainly 200-210mm wide I don't know why but? as for wheels they are just some spares I had from my kyosho fw06 I think I need a 10mm offset to fill out the body abit better will post pics as soon as I can ;-D
yeah the V8 Supercars by GV also went onto gas car chassis @ 200mm

I've got a set of the genuine GV Monaro wheels, they're not that deep dished.
They did them in the VX SS / VZ CV8Z 5-spoke style but fitted to their
earlier V2/VX shell which is narrower. The RTRs came in yellow.
[Image: MRCsig.gif]
I also just brought a ls1 v8 engine bay and the mst 8mm offset wheels to fill out the body and plus they are a close match for my actual car wheels thanks Rudeboy03 now have to play the waiting game so will be looking good :-D
Looks nice man

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Nice gloss!!

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