My Sakura D4 RWD (was AWD) P!NK!

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This is my Sakura D4 RWD (was AWD) build thread, hope you enjoy it.

Current Boomracing hop-ups ordered from Asiatees
  • Aluminum Wheel Adaptors with Lock Screws With Pins & Screws - 4 Pcs Set (12mm Hex) Black
  • Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier (Pink)
  • Aluminum Front Knuckles (Pink)
  • Aluminum Belt Tension Mount (not used)
  • Aluminum Front Shock Tower (Pink)
  • Aluminum Rear Lower Suspension (Pink)
  • Aluminum Rear Separate Suspension Mount (Pink)
  • Aluminum Rear Shock Tower (Pink)
  • Aluminum Rear Suspension Mount (Pink)
  • Performance Combo Package C Upgrade Set For D4 (Y Sharp Lower Suspension, Suspension Front Mount) Pink

Other hop-ups used
  • 3racing Curve Slide Track Steering SAK-D4827 (Black)
  • Usukani Front Bulkhead (Black)
  • Usukani rear Shaft Conversion (Pink)
  • 3D printed front upper arms (Pink)

Not Installed yet (travelling towards me)
  • MST FR-F Tyres (hard and HP) for front
  • MST GA26 (hard) for rear
  • MST Black Chroma RID wheels (+8mm offset)
  • MST Black Chroma 7 Spike 2 rib wheels (+10 offset)

Electronics used
  • Sanwa MT4s Transmitter
  • Sanwa RX-472 Receiver
  • Savox SC-1251MG Low profile servo
  • Turnigy TrackStar 80A Turbo ESC
  • TrackStar 13.5T Stock Spec Sensored Brushless Motor V2
  • Gens ace 6000mAh 7.4V 70C 2S1P (Black) Battery

Thanks!  :B):
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Got my kit and majority part of Boom upgrades (missing front knuckles and rear hubs + wheel hexes what's in the post somewhere between Hong Kong and Estonia)

This is my current state of the build (well.. I have ESC and Motor on for now tho)

[Image: 2.jpg]

[Image: 1.jpg]

[Image: 3.jpg]

[Image: 4.jpg]

[Image: 5.jpg]

[Image: 6.jpg]

Quality of Boomracing stuff is semi-ok.. some things are very smooth.. some things are not. For example, one of my front Y shape front suspension mount is 1mm smaller that other, and needs some spacers to be sync with another. Also I had to thrill over holes for Front Separate Suspension Mounts so pins would fit into them (not a big deal tho)

Overall, I'm very exited where this project is going.. can't wait to get all electronics on it.. and mount my metallic red Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV body on it Smile
I really want to see this awesome chassis with its body on [SMILING FACE WITH HEART-SHAPED EYES]

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why CS?

btw, i would have gotten first an upgrade for the steering instead of the lower arm.
Why not CS? I know RWD is big deal now, but I had to start from somewhere Smile and I can always convert it to RWD. I ride it in my office carpet + local touring carpet track.. Thought I better learn it with CS first. Smile

What steering upgrade did you mean?

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it is easier to learn RWD than CS, specially if you are having a hard time controlling a car with FOW installed. also RWD drifts more realistically than CS. the angles on an RWD is best.

CS and RWD are two different disciplines, you will have a harder time moving from CS to RWD than from a 50/50 to RWD.
Thanks for these hints. I'll probably get a gyro and give RWD a try very soon anyway Smile

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[Image: d24d6bfd5e7a5ff42a24e8f5576a8ecf.jpg]

Mmm, second batch of upgrades arrived.. Yay!

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About converting AWD to RWD, what it takes? Do I need or should order some extra parts or I can just remove front diff, and everything related to it? Ofc gyro is a must Smile

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Have you thought of increasing the CS ratio before moving to RWD?
Stock CS ratio is only 48%.

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