Nissan 180SX Version 2: Time Attack

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Hi all,

Some may recall this body being completed previously, hence the title 'Version 2: Time Attack'. For those would like to see it's original, 'Street' oriented version - see the below thread:

For many years I have been avid fan of circuit racing having competed in a few track days and motorkhana events myself. So after a few months of usage and the body getting a good
work out, I decided to re-incarnate the body into something more 'Circuit' spec so I can also keep as an ornament in my room when not in use. However as funds were tight, I wasn't going
to go out of my way (like I did previously) to get it the way I wanted - this meant delving into my spares and making do with what I had. Here's the end result, mind you it's abit slapped together
and rough around the edges but I really don't care lol

[Image: 1z3mqup.png]
The front splitter is comprised of a 1mm styrene sheet trimmed to size with the canards consisting of two sacrificed Yokomo GT wing end plates
cut and glued together. I figured I had so many of them that I may as well put them to good use.

[Image: 2qn2hw7.png]
The Ganador mirrors were replaced with Craft Square ones to give it a more race oriented look. The front is 2mm off the ground and drift's okay...
..for now

[Image: azevcy.png]
Off came the Type-X spoiler and on went the wing I scored from a second hand kit I previously purchased hence why it's rough around the edges (literally).
Originally was it was centre mounted on a 370Z GT body so I trimmed the mounts off and filed it as flat as I could. Then on when some spare Speedway Pal
aluminum mounts fixed onto where the original holes for the Type-X spoiler was with glue joining the two together. You can also just make out the diffuser
and exhaust as well.

[Image: 34rc8ci.png]
Another bonus is that the GT spoiler has a large gurney flap which aids with downforce commonly seen on Voltex and Varis spoiler which I like
how Tamiya incorporated this in their moulds. The wing stays are are adjustable as well, meaning the spoiler can tilt at various angles for even
more downforce but for now, it'll sit pretty in my room lol

Thanks for looking
Looks great! Love the color!
[Image: RCDC_sig.png]
Looks great buddy do the wheels catch on full lock?

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