Nissan skyline R35

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this has a few bensopra parts missing :=):

will be adding a few more details on the next r35 build.

body is tamiya sumo r35 and stock r35
wing is a full styrene build
diffuser is also scratch built


[Image: r359_zps3a3fe59f.jpg]
[Image: r3510_zpsa6a0f386.jpg][Image: r3511_zps95c7f131.jpg][Image: r352_zps0801ccdd.jpg][Image: r353_zpsb157d02d.jpg][Image: r354_zps88bbe7df.jpg][Image: r356_zps72aed2a5.jpg][Image: r355_zpsaee08458.jpg][Image: r357_zps081ebb38.jpg]

[Image: r358_zpsf6facdc9.jpg]
[Image: newsig.jpg]
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amazing.. i would love to get my hands on some styrene.. where do you get yours from??
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got an archi uncle whos got a a supplier, you could try devant in sm, but their limited
[Image: newsig.jpg]
yeah everything seems limited here bro.. i have all kinds of projects to do on mine, but on hold due to parts availability.. ok thanks for the tip..
The underdog drifter....
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wow. Very nice job on the styrene bits. i think ill also have to experiment with this material. seems very workable. dues it mold easy with heat?
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This looks amazing alvin Smile
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thanks rob,  

@ rudeboy,  

it will but you have to be abit carefull too much heat and it'll melt lol, sure did waste a handful when i was starting back then
[Image: newsig.jpg]
What's the name of the rims and what size and where did you get them please..
nice build! the wing fits perfectly
Mind sharing how you did that to the headlights? thanks!

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