RC Dantai Shootout - May 20/21 - Group Drift Event - Chicago

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Posting this up in case anyone is interested in attending.

So far I know we have a team from Springfield and St. Louis attending, 2 from Chicago. Possibly teams from Michigan / Wisconsin / Ohio.  This will be one not to miss.

[Image: 12999612_10153556770080949_1748974386_o.jpg]

More details:

Midwest Slidewayz with the courtesy, help and support of Chicagoland Toys 'N Hobbies will be hosting its very first group tandem event this May.

As far as rules go, its a minimum of 3 but no more than 5 drivers per team. Ideally we are trying to do matching livery or team stickers/same color as this will be judged. It doesn't have to be perfect or exact but try and keep your theme and shells a secret as this will build more suspense. Teasers are okay tho. PLEASE PM ME YOUR CLUB NAME & TOTAL NUMBER OF DRIVERS.

Tires for 50/50 or CS teams

Raikou DP50s all around are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. They give the best scale speed on our track in awd form. But if you are comfortable using something else, by all means do so.

Tires for RWD

It is open with the front, so run what you feel comfortable running. For the rears, we personally are running Mikuni carpet EVO II's. These are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED but not required. So, again whatever you feel comfortable with.


Since we are pretty much doing this in support of our gray area hobby and fun BASICALLY, we wont have anything besides a big ass ridiculous trophy. If your team wins, we will have a plaque made in honor of your team, your names, and chassis' represented placed on the trophy and ship it out to you. The trophy will be permanent but the plaque will be replaced yearly for the winning team, so PLEASE try and take care of it.

Entree fee

$10 per driver. This will help the hobby shop cover some of the electricity used for the two days.


We are currently in the process of painting the track section in high gloss epoxy. This will probably be more slippery than what you're accustomed to. ***NOTE*** as all of this is coming out of our own pockets, try and watch your step while moving around the track.


We will be catering Taco Burrito King for the event day but there are plenty of places to eat within 2-3 miles of the shop.


6pm Roll in, setup up your pit, tune and practice.
10pm roll out.

There will be others on the track so be courteous. *IF YOU SPIN OUT OR CRASH, PLEASE DO NOT REVERSE OR MOVE UNTIL YOU ARE CLEAR TO DO SO*


09:00am - 09:30 Roll-in
09:45am - 09:55 Drivers Meeting
10:00am - 11:45 Group Practice
11:45am - 12:45 Lunch Break
01:00pm - TBA Group Comp


Event FB page:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1048160985257083/
Crickets..........I'm there!!

-Mark.D Big Grin
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