RE-Xtreme 6666 86

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I'm totally speechless! This is one of the most sick bodies that I ever seen! Nice job as your all last jobs! Awesome!
You painted the chrome inner or outer of the body?
Thanks guys.

Chrome is on the inside. But the paint is peeling. Nothing sticks to a Pandora body
you might have gotten a bad body man. My R32 took and kept paint.... ive had some pretty ruff crashes too. enough to knock the other guys light buckets out!
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well Robb, I think it's because the r32 is one of the newest bodies from Pandora...I have read some reviews and there's much users that can affirm that Pandora's rc bodies it's good, and all the stuffs, but seems to be a little matte..but some other users that purchased the r33 and the r35, said that the new bodies have a better quality than the older bodies...But I still be fascinated by this GT 86 and also by the 370z convertible..with an interior, that body rocks! hehehe!!

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