Rob's chassis line-up!

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Here is a thread dedicated to my drift chassis line-up!

-Overdose Yokomo DRB Blue 2.0 CS
[Image: 20141017_155210_zpsdj5mpgkx.jpg]

-Private Garage Yokomo DIB Red 2.0 CS
[Image: 20140909_193307_zpsoe51c4rp.jpg]

-Overdose Yokomo DPM Black CS
[Image: 20141023_135907_zps8yznerse.jpg]

-All 3 together!!
[Image: 20141023_140456_zpsml2kstwp.jpg]
Overdose DRB
Overdose Galm
Overdose Vacula 2
That's a nice line up sir
[Image: 1.jpg]
That is a nice line up    :B):  How do you like those batteries?

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