Skyline GT-R34 working process

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Started out as a Tamiya Z-tune clear body. My first ever paint of a RC body. Tamiya PS-30 in 3 layers and then PS-5 on top of that.

[Image: 13886884_10154040270572670_1737663069053947304_n.jpg]

Fully stickered and LED lights mounted:

[Image: IMG_20160818_000252.jpg]

HKS style muffler:

[Image: IMG_20160817_210113.jpg]

Adjusting the muffler with the Sakura diffuser:

[Image: IMG_20160824_000830.jpg]

Cut out for a new Intercooler. The result was pretty ok:

[Image: IMG_20160823_235933.jpg]

Car mounted on the Sakura D4 chassie:

[Image: IMG_20160824_110912.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20160824_110739.jpg]

Now i just want to find something to replace those hideous fog light stickers in the rear with something that looks like the real deal. Also some scale stickers for HKS and Top Secret and hood pins.

The stock Wheels will also go. Just need to find something with offset 5mm that suits the R34 Shell good. Like Volk TE37.
Wow, color turned out great. Amazing what difference a muffler can do to them. Nice work.
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Yes I´m pretty happy with the colour. A bit different from the Bayside Blue colour.

I ordered BBS LM Wheels yesterday from MST that has changeable offset. I Think they will suit the body better than the stock Wheels. Also some DS racing Competition RWD tires.
Some more Pictures of the car. Updated with new brake discs and calipers from 3racing. Also new MST Wheels and DS racing tires.

[Image: IMG_20160901_182417.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20160903_090726.jpg]

New set of MST Wheels and DS tires. I´m also figuring how to make the Wheel arch better as the result on this side is terrible

[Image: IMG_20160913_12100.jpg]
I normally sand out the last few mm of my wheel arches after painting but before removing the body film to smooth out those lines. Some wet-dry in 400 grit should be aggressive enough to remove material, but smooth enough to leave a nice, finished edge. Another option would be to use a sanding drum in a roto-tool, but make sure you keep the speed low, the grit high, and your hands steady.

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Those 3Racing brakes look great. May have to get a set. I usually use my dremel when doing the last cuts/clean up on bodies I do.
Nice car! Love Skylines.

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