Toyota A63 finished project

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Today I took some pictures of my finished project. It's an Toyota Carina missile. I hoop you like!

[Image: 4a42770ce486935d7a59cc6f0d10e4b6.jpg][Image: d7099b098ed6b73e798985c78ba211b5.jpg][Image: 5efeb334dc89905c05989fcf3db45d00.jpg][Image: 735bf4567db0eaa10e0c6057a74fb074.jpg][Image: c4c0b2fe9c36889a81ad00f72662c9ac.jpg][Image: 1eba9f3569f4e039c411c209069b1021.jpg]
Does someone have any suggestions what I can add to the body? I was thinking about a tire and rope or something like that on the roof? Any other suggestions would be great!
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