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Hi all,

Im starting a new shell build, this time its going to be an ABC Hobbies Nissan 180SX "Kouki"

Link to the shell

I have found a ref image that im going to mimic, I love the contrast of the black doors on the grey body and over fenders..

[Image: s13-2.jpg]

The quality of the ABC shell is really good!! Even the box is good

[Image: _DSC0483.jpg]

[Image: _DSC0482.jpg]

Quick test fit over the DIB - all good! fits better than the tamiya shells

[Image: IMAG0755.jpg]

I started by making a roll cage, this is the first one ive built. I used hard coated cardboard straws and glued them up to shape. Then painted over the top black.

[Image: IMAG0757.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0758.jpg]

What it looks like painted

[Image: IMAG0761.jpg]

Sung fit but should be fine once painting is finished - will either use double sided tape or hot glue to keep it fitted

[Image: IMAG0762.jpg]

I have picked some speedway pal side mirrors and burn style exhaust to keep up scale realism

[Image: _DSC0469.jpg]

I love these replica burn exhausts!! I have dump pipes on each of my other shells.

[Image: _DSC0470.jpg]

Im planning on doing a full light kit, I went with the GT Power 4 Channel Professional Kit. That has not arrived yet but will post pics when it does. Im using the ABC light buckets that im planning on doing black cores like the ref image below.

[Image: 130_0607_05_znissan_180sx_silvia_s14_s15180sx_rear.jpg]
[Image: _DSC0479.jpg]

Masking up this car was not difficult, just separate out the doors and some trim lines. The quality of the masking stickers is very very good! they feel like soft coated plastic as opposed to thick lacquered paper.

[Image: IMAG0766.jpg]

Here is the gun metal layer finished up, I still need to paint the over fenders when they arrive - Im using Tamiya PS-23

[Image: IMAG0770.jpg]

Will look super slick once the wrapping is removed :D

[Image: IMAG0771.jpg]

I will be backing the whole shell in black but coating the doors and trim with this second pass.. Once that is done I will tint the windows with a thin layer of tamiya smoke PS-31.

[Image: _DSC0475.jpg]

As I dont have any black paint the project is on hold so I will leave it here for now.. The plan is to do the black paint layer then install the over fenders with micro tapping screws.

Thanks for reading!
[Image: signature_2015.jpg]
Can't wait! This thing will look sick!
Looking man. cant wait to see this I am been wanting to one for ages...

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[Image: 1975048_10152286815453540_1226896195_n.jpg]
looks good! Waiting for progress :)
[Image: RGFactoryTeam_zps708bc482.png] <--- Click here!! [Image: bluedomokundance.gif]
Part 2!!

I finally got some black paint so lets continue! :D

The doors are now black like the ref image, I dig the non perfect look its created.

[Image: _DSC0493.jpg]

The speed way pal over fenders are painted and ready to cut out.

[Image: _DSC0494.jpg]

The spoiler is a black aluminium slightly oversize drift style with mid size stands from r2 hobbies.. for about $15 its pretty good! just hope it doesnt bend to much under impact from walls and other cars. I was tempted to leave the side fenders this large but I would have needed a massive rear wheel offset.. easy over +10.. so I decided to cut them to their proper size, did look super chunk however! When I removed the window masks I had a little extra space that needed filling in either side so I did a quick re-mask and used a uni brand paint pen to fill in the gaps.

[Image: _DSC0501.jpg]

Ok lets get cutting!
[Image: _DSC0500.jpg]

Now to drill out the holes for the spoiler, its only at this point I realized that I should have done any drilling BEFORE cutting out the base, as it was floppy and did not have the support provided by the mold.. and I paid dearly in the next photo

[Image: _DSC0510.jpg]

DISASTER!! Whilst drilling out the holes for the rear view mirrors my crappy drill of craptown was running low and made me slip!! causing this nasty scratch :( devastated.. thankfully its not too noticeable, but still sux.. IM BUYING A NEW DRILL THAT DOESNT USE OLD CRAP BATTERIES!!! getting a new lithium ion drill this weekend >_<

[Image: _DSC0504.jpg]

Ok, time to take off the wrapping.. mmmmm that new shine :)

[Image: _DSC0511.jpg]

I did not take any photos during the fender installation phase but I basically cut the to size, lined them up and stuck them down with sticky tape. I then ran shoe goo along the inside edge and allowed to dry.

Ok so lets see the results so far

[Image: _DSC0519.jpg]

[Image: _DSC0521.jpg]


[Image: _DSC0516.jpg]

[Image: _DSC0523.jpg]

[Image: _DSC0520.jpg]

So thats all for this round - Part three will be the installation of the GT Power 4 Channel light kit and light buckets.

Heres a quick test I did to make sure it all works and demo the 4 channel features -

Thanks Guys!!

[Image: signature_2015.jpg]
wow dude that looks sweeeeeet. that will look killa with some big offset rims..:)
[Image: 1975048_10152286815453540_1226896195_n.jpg]
Liking the look you chose on this a lot. Luckily that scratch didn't turn out to be noticeable at all and didn't ruin the project. This is gonna be sick with your lights installed and bigger offset wheels.
[Image: 4028172207455215s.jpg]
Overdose Drift Package RWD
CER D08 Premium RWD
Yokomo DRB Overdose RWD
Ce-RX type R White Wolf RWD
I love that 180sx man!
[Image: RGFactoryTeam_zps708bc482.png] <--- Click here!! [Image: bluedomokundance.gif]
Ok last stages now!!

Lets continue


Im using the GT Power 4 Channel Professional Light Kit -
[Image: IMAG0788.jpg]

The standard masking sheet has masks for the light buckets, im using outdoor mounting tape to stick down the eyelids as they are in a high risk position of coming loose.
[Image: IMAG0808.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0806.jpg]

I had to do a little re-wiring on my DIB to make way for this new light unit. Its fairly simple to connect up. I did shave off the clip ends so I can detach the link cable easily.. the cable is epic, very stiff.. im sure over time it will soften
[Image: _DSC0526.jpg]

Epic cable is epic...
[Image: IMAG0800.jpg]

I decided to not cut the rear lights out and instead leave the unit as a whole, cut to size. I think this makes more sense and seems neater inside the shell.
[Image: IMAG0809.jpg]

The rear indicator light bucket is a separate piece, attached with double sided tape again.
[Image: IMAG0812.jpg]

And more tape :P
[Image: IMAG0811.jpg]

Pre LED installation, fits nice and snug.. the main headlights are stuck on with two sided tape but the fog and indicators are glued down with shoe goo. The inside of the main headlight is also glued in.
[Image: IMAG0815.jpg]

I painted the side indicators add more realism, give a really nice sense of depth as apposed to stickers.
[Image: _DSC0541.jpg]

Hmmm... big wire ball..
[Image: _DSC0537.jpg]

That looks a little better.. mashed in the roll cage too.
[Image: IMAG0816.jpg]

Staring to look real nice now
[Image: _DSC0542.jpg]



[Image: _DSC0543.jpg]

[Image: _DSC0552.jpg]

The indicator effect turned out great
[Image: _DSC0557.jpg]

And the reversing lights work great through the stickers - I have deliberately left the center horizontal rear brake light blank as im planning on adding one once I can find something suitable.
[Image: _DSC0550.jpg]

I need to make up one more set of red braking lights and hook them up to the inside tail lights as my kit came with two extra sets of white lights :/ DERP!!.. so thats next on the list along with getting new stealth mounts and avoid using normal mount poles.

Thanks again for reading, some final glamour shots outdoors to come (once the weather here is nicer.. its raining right now)
You, my friend are amazing! This is definitely one of the nicest bodies I have seen.
Chassis: MST MS-01D
Upgrades: Speed Passion Reveton R and Dokyo combo

[Image: DSCF1562_zps3e12eb8c.jpg]

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