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abc hobby 180sx
abc hobby 180sx:
color: ps dark blue, ps-5
rims: vs kf
[Image: p1050748k.jpg]
[Image: p1050753l.jpg]
[Image: p1050751g.jpg]
[Image: p1050756.jpg]
Dam!!!!!! sweet
if ya can slide it you can drift it!!
your front light bucket are inclued in the kit?
they are if you order from abc usa the japanese ones dont
[Image: 405149244.jpg]
Did your body have a line across the front and back?
ABC shells are now molding there shells like how tamiya does it to achieve better detail
[Image: newsig.jpg]
How does putting lines in it that dont exist become better detailed?
(10-31-2013, 01:51 PM)RubHamuSan Wrote:  How does putting lines in it that dont exist become better detailed?

there are "lines" on the body due to the mold being 3pc. to be able to get exact shaping of the body, will require a 3pc mold due to the curving of the body. such detail as far as grill depth, diffusers on rear bumpers, front splitter details require a 3pc mold to be able to pull the body off the mold without damaging or stretching the body. Notice how HPI bodies don't have such detail compared to most bodies. some companies have separate body parts like bumpers to avoid these types of molds. not sure if this makes much sense lol
[Image: 25331d1070333643-tamiya-world-championsh...e-mold.jpg]

The mold would get stuck in the body if it was a one piece mold, as you can imagine. With a three piece mold like Tamiya and ABC use, you remove the center section of the mold first as you can see in the picture, so you can free the outer two sections that are being held in the body by the deep grill and curved rear bumper shapes.
[Image: twssig.png]
ZILLAlife*Hiro Seiko*Tonisport*SkyRC*RC OMG
Good to know thanks.
And your 180 looks awsome.really clean work.

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