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Is there any way we can get a list of acronyms together for us new guys that have to go searching all over the place to figure out what they mean? Or does this exist somewhere already?
not here... we can make a list!!

CS (counter steer) also known as counter dori= An art form of drifting to look as real as possible. This act takes place when an rc chassis is sliding in one direction and the wheels are "opposite" either locked or close to it. The idea behind this is that most real drift cars run "opposite lock" to keep from spinning out. This style or art form of drifting is possible by overdriving the rear wheels OR underdriving the front wheels down. IE: most people run at a ratio of 1.5cs or 150%. this means that the rear wheels will rotate 1.5x or 150% faster then the front. for every 1 revolution the front tires make the rear will make 1.5,

esc (electronic speed control)= needed to convert power to a motor. otherwise throttle control would be impossible

BD (ball diff)= this works like a standard LSD, it applies power to both wheels equally until one wheel slips then it will infinitely apply power to that one wheel. also reffered to as "open diff"

LD (locked diff)= this is like a locker, this will lock both wheels to the same output no matter what. usually used in the rear to allow for perfect slip

FOW (front one way)= this is a one-way bearing differentially that will only control the wheels in ONE direction. allows an e-brake effect as the front wheels are not affected by braking. also creates a "pendulum effect" as the rear can swing around on the front axles

COW (center oneway)= one way bearing will control the front wheels similarly to FOW while allowing the ball differential to be kept in place so as power side to side is equal unlike a FOW which will open and allow power dump.

motor (motor)= the heart of your monster, makes the car move

stator= stationary power part of a motor

armature= the moving part/shaft of a motor

brushed motor= motor with a powered armature, has perminent magnets that when the armature has  power applied to it, it attracts the magnets and in turn will spin in that direction

brushless motor= motor with a powered stator, has a perminent magnet armature that when power is applied to the stator will attract it in a direction.

sensored brushless= brushless style motor that has 3 hall sensors on board to detect where the stator is and apply power to the correct output

sensorless brushless= brusless style motor that has no sensors. power is applied from a-b-c or u-v-w without knowing where the stator is so power can feel abrupt or "notchy"

servo= an esc/motor combo that is used for precise steering movement or throttle on nitros

c-hub (chub)= the upright connection that connects the king pins of a steering knuckle. can change castor and kpi on a vehicle

King pin= the screw or ball head that goes into the steering knuckle and holds the steering in place

rear upright= exactly what it sounds like a way to hold the rear axle.

camber= the angle made by the wheels of a vehicle; specifically, it is the angle between the vertical axis of the wheels used for steering and the vertical axis of the vehicle when viewed from the front or rear. It is used in the design of steering and suspension. If the top of the wheel is farther out than the bottom (that is, away from the axle), it is called positive camber; if the bottom of the wheel is farther out than the top, it is called negative camber.

toe= the angle of which the tires point as opposed to the chassis. i.e. both wheels point to the left or right, in parallel (roughly). Positive toe, or toe in, is the front of the wheel pointing in towards the centreline of the vehicle. Negative toe, or toe out, is the front of the wheel pointing away from the centreline of the vehicle

castor= the angle between the pivot line. an imaginary line that runs through the center of the upper ball joint to the center of the lower ball joint

KPI (King Pin Inclination)= a way to dynamically change castor. as the wheel turns on the axis it will change in a ratio of the castor

Deck or tub = the main chassis either carbon, GRP or FRP

FRP (fibre reinforced plastic)= usually found as a deck or tub

GRP (graphite reinforced plastic)= This perticular version of plastic is mainly used in suspension arms, uprights, ball ends and tub chassis. this is a stronger less maliable plastic and is very shatter resistant unless hit substantionally hard.

SSG = Silver Surface Graphite or Silver Strand Graphite. this perticular variation of carbon fiber is actually a carbon kevlar weave.

Ball End = the plastic end of a linkage that clips on a ball link

Ball Link = A metal ball with either threaded hole or screw that is used for linking components that need a wide range of movement usually rotational

Active camber: using dampers instead of turnbuckle for your camber links, creating a dynamic (non fixed) camber that adjust as you drive.

Posican: (no exact description ATM) from what I understood, posican is a mod that uses high king pin angle and high caster angle thus generating more lock but less stress on your CVDs.

Body Roll: it is the lateral weight transfer of your car that happens during transition or "flick".

Body Roll mod: consist of linking your suspension in such a way that it promotes body roll and keep a constant contact patch on the ground regardless of surface or angle.

Contact Patch: the tire surface area in contact with the ground.

ackerman is the difference between the two front wheels at full lock from parallel. so when you have say 2* toe out the wheel on the inside will have a greater angle than the wheel on the outside at full lock
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i would say we should just make a list in general...
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Yea lets make a general list. This helped me out a lot!! I'm sure this will help others as well!!
Driftmission Dictionary!
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ZILLAlife*Hiro Seiko*Tonisport*SkyRC*RC OMG
(01-21-2013, 03:31 PM)Tizer Wrote:  Driftmission Dictionary!

yeah where do i get me 1 of those dictionaries lol sure could use one still get baffled sometimes when some one asks me if my car has a so plz cover it all. would be very much appreciated and great idea Tito2102. thanks
feel free to add an i will place them in the list  ^^
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do you always have to be the party pooper dorvak? lol
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(01-21-2013, 06:48 PM)robb41488 Wrote:  do you always have to be the party pooper dorvak? lol

Lol but he does have a point. I didn't really understand that one until he gave the other explanations
(01-21-2013, 11:59 PM)Dorvack Wrote:  
(01-21-2013, 06:48 PM)robb41488 Wrote:  do you always have to be the party pooper dorvak? lol

Believe me, I do support the idea, but it's got to be done right if it's going to help folks out, and it could certainly bring new members to the forum.

Another idea is to have a pictorial glossary of parts and part numbers for each chassis. That way we'll all be on the same page when we talk about or recommend parts or options.

That's just my 2 yen though...


like the pictorial glossary idea Dorvack. thats a good 2 yen spent. could sure make good use of a pic glossary of parts and #'s. both are very good idea's and i agree with Dorvack it would bring in many new members. don't think there a forum out there that has either idea in place.

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