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Just ran into another term to add. Ackerman.
ackerman is the difference between the two front wheels at full lock from parallel. so when you have say 2* toe out the wheel on the inside will have a greater angle than the wheel on the outside at full lock
You can add the following:

Active camber: using dampers instead of turnbuckle for your camber links, creating a dynamic (non fixed) camber that adjust as you drive.

Posican: (no exact description ATM) from what I understood, posican is a mod that uses high king pin angle and high caster angle thus generating more lock but less stress on your CVDs.

Body Roll: it is the lateral weight transfer of your car that happens during transition or "flick".

Body Roll mod: consist of linking your suspension in such a way that it promotes body roll and keep a constant contact patch on the ground regardless of surface or angle.

Contact Patch: the tire surface area in contact with the ground.

Bagi suspension: someone has to explain this one to me at one point lol

Also simple but I haven't seen it
Drag Brake: the brake applied from your ESC at neutral throttle state.

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very helpful acronyms here. Thanks
Thanks! i helped me allot on rc terms
(to my understanding)
"toe-in/toe-out is how parallel the wheels are at any giving moment"
"ackerman is depends on how the steering geometry is and determine if the wheels will turn at the same parallelism or add toe-in or tow-out in the process"

so you can have "0"toe straight and with ackerman when you turn you end up having some degrees of toe-out or in

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