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Acuvance Airia Tao 2 , and a burned smell help!!
Hi guys, 
I'm new to the forum and I have search the forum but couldn't find anything. Please help me or give me some tips if possible. It's gonna be quite Long so thanks for reading! 

Was using Luxon agile 10.5, tachyon Airia on an re r hybrid chassis (36pinion 70T spur) for two months while tuning the chassis with tao smart card.

Recently bought the brain unit Tao 2, attached it and went to do the ESC initial setup again. Both ESC and Tao 2 version updated. During initial setup, ESC Leds flash meaning sensor wire not connected properly.  Reconnect the sensor wire after a few tries and finally got the Esc setup completed. When I went and check the transmitter settings , I forgot to put the reverse throttle setting back to normal when doing the initial setup. 

Did initial setup again with the throttle setting on transmitter set to normal. Please note that all motor wires or connected thru out so polarity is correct. 

Pull the trigger on the transmitter and the motor spins half a Sec and stops. A click sound and a constant high pitch sound generated from the motor. Went to reverse and it spins!!
Pull the trigger again, not a single movement just the above describe sounds.

Then a strong burned smell from the motor!! FML!! Motor is hot and Esc a little Hot but I can still rest my hands on them. 

My question is

the faulty sensor wire causing the motor to burned overload when trigger pull?

But why I can go into reverse??

Is my ESC gone as well?

Please anybody , help me! Getting a multimeter tomorrow, but seems like motor and sensor wire needs to change. But I was hoping how can I test my Esc to know that it's good ?

Thanks a billion in advanced.
I'm a Acuvance user myself but can't offer any advice other than letting you know Acuvance USA has an outstanding help guy. if he doesn't know the answer he knows who to contact who does.

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