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????Adding more cs????
(I wonder if i'm posting too much?Star)

I having been searching the forums up and down, and I can't seem to find a forum on how to add more countersteer. If there is one, can someone post the link? If not, please tell me how!!! I know it involves ordering higher/lower tooth/teeth gears.
Currently working on a RWD Sakura D3 Check out my --->build thread^^

It would help if u add the name of ur chassis
(09-28-2013, 05:28 PM)Frias65 Wrote:  It would help if u add the name of ur chassis

Sakura d3, but I meant any chassis in general
Currently working on a RWD Sakura D3 Check out my --->build thread^^

You're right about changing gears to achieve CS and really that's the answer for any chassis in general. I'm not trying to be a smart ass but such a vague question gets a vague answer.

The usual route is to change the rear diff pulley on a belt car or the rear pinion and ring gear on a shaft car to make it spin faster than the front. This may or may not include changing the center layshaft pulleys.
Another way is to do the same to the front but to make it spin slower than the rear. Or you can combine both to achieve a really high CS rate.

So in a nutshell, make your front end slower or your rear end faster. Smaller gears/pullies spin faster than larger ones do. You have to buy the correct ones to achieve what you're trying to get and there are alot available for the D3. Just visit the D3 forum so you can get an idea what you'll need. If not then PM someone that's a D3 user.
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^ what he said lol

Good thing about the D3 is that they make a bunch of different size pulleys and belts so you can play around with your set up.

I used the 3racing pulleys to make my CS kit for my sprint since they fit right in.
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