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Adding parts on to body
Hi I recently bought a Body and cut everything out and started to paint it but I'm having a really hard time trying to figure out how you attach the other pieces that come detached such as the bumpers do you guys have any techniques that you use I would love to hear them!

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Hi man, all the methods I know is:
1. Put Velcro - (bumpers with the body will have a bigger than usual gap,+ depends if the velcro is thick)
2. Sanitary Silicone? - (only I use it, didn't ate my paint or lexan, but never saw anyone use that, is wayyy better than hot glue sticks, but if you want to take it off in the future, it might be a challenge scraping the silicone off with as minimal scratches as possible,don't know, never needed to take off silicone in my rc drift career still)
3. Fishing Thread - (for that "battle" "drift rocket" car, usually I make the holes in the body not reaming but putting a knife, scissors or a modelling knife and turning them around for a long time with adding a little bit of pressure in to the body over time, but be careful, be sure to know when to stop and try to make the holes somewhat similar) if you pm back and want to see an example I can show you one of my works where I used fishing thread.
4. Magnets - Another good way to ensure your bumper stays in place of your rc body. I never tried this on my own, but Im sure this is a good method as I saw many rc drift enthusiasts using this method, I would recommend glueing the magnets to the body with sanitary silicone, hot glue sticks are fine too, but with bumps and crashes it might easily come off.
For as now, that's all I can think about. Have fun!
for bumpers and body defusers i let the paint cure for about a week and then use shoo goo .... but for parts the go on the outside shoo goo is great

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