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ae'86 "old banger "
here are some pics of my finished recycle project
[Image: IMG_8455_zps94648ad9.jpg]
[Image: IMG_8454_zpsf044833b.jpg]
[Image: IMG_8456_zps5195aaef.jpg]
[Image: IMG_8457_zpsd87ec92c.jpg]
[Image: IMG_8474_zps70e4b6e7.jpg]

hope you like it and feel free to comment.
[Image: klein_zps220f616e.jpg]
Nice :)
Very creative
Currently working on a RWD Sakura D3 Check out my --->build thread^^

Its nice to see people still doing drift pig style bodies. Nice detail-work on yours.
Team Ghost Drift
[Image: TGD+official+WHITE+side+decal+Osaka-Sans...+edit1.png]
MST FS-01D cs@2.0
Yokomo DRB cs@1.8
Eagle  R31 RWD
Good work for an incredible style!
Drift with a smile! ^^
So much detail!!!! I can't imagine the hours spent on this thing. Any videos of it rolling with a chassis?
[Image: bc276304-7f08-4025-b335-bd41c864c078_zps5043df43.jpg]
Not yet .next time at my track ill post some pics and vids .thanks for the nice comments!
[Image: klein_zps220f616e.jpg]
cra2y details. awesome. Got to get me one of these for sunday runs.
[Image: 222_zpsccdcf383.jpg]

Here For the love of RC Drifting

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