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AE86 and Mini Drift Pigs
Hey guys thought I'd share my drift pig and mini pig with you. Put a lot of work into these ones, so hopefully you like them!

[Image: 8D9BAADE-0A83-4218-ABC7-2518C4C40A3F-170...c17903.jpg]

[Image: 47677AA4-2A77-419F-BACF-E28A102DC603-170...a16f20.jpg]

[Image: B4B0EC95-EA49-4BEF-ADC9-20AD1D749CD3-170...467f96.jpg]

[Image: 22FA8B60-C57E-412A-88CB-BC7444F96AB0-170...a64ac0.jpg]

[Image: 13A11CAE-E831-4E34-84D9-6B06AFA1DFEA-170...5cacf7.jpg]

[Image: 6FA0D3C1-1AAB-49AD-BF37-C01774106E6F-144...d9ca8b.jpg]

I later added a full interior with light up dash. Pictured here in the garage
[Image: B853784E-8435-4D75-B042-04C2E481E88A-398...7613cb.jpg]

[Image: 29CEE778-3D09-4575-9910-43A73A027B08-144...37cd69.jpg]

Now for the mini
[Image: 272A1F4C-7426-45E0-9C89-D01EC99868EA-118...5817fb.jpg]

[Image: 6552B78D-9D63-409C-9CB5-0B9F11C3EC89-118...5fce2d.jpg]

[Image: 76AD78FE-3A59-414F-A07B-E19E9A29BEC0-118...c51ebf.jpg]

[Image: BAC4E60A-ED8B-42B1-81F8-B0FF66D09967-118...1b18ad.jpg]

[Image: D5FEFC7C-B37F-4A96-BD1C-9E057240E975-229...eb420d.jpg]

[Image: 2E1D6784-66AC-4FA1-85EC-AB94DF752346-229...93e31d.jpg]

[Image: F6EEF983-3DDD-4B5D-AC88-9775138EA847-229...7484e7.jpg]
Man, that is sick ! I love it !
Whats your technique for the broken glass? Etch with an exacto and cut the rest out?
Wow that is a ton of work. Those look great.
Thanks guys.

Yeah just cut with a Stanley knife and push harder on the parts you want cut out. Then just push it through
those look awesome. ton of detail too!
love the arnie pic in the diorama garage.
Very nice pics with a lot of details. Love that garage pics.
Hey great looking shell love the windows erm what shell if the mini as ive looked but then all seem to be for the m chassis
I love it, amazing detailed work!. Need to teach me how to do that cracked window!
Overdose + Tail-Slider MST XXX-D VIP FM Red w/ HT Suspension Fully upgraded ^^


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