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Airbrush Purchase Advice
Going to purchase an Airbrush and have a couple of questions for those that use them and preferably use them well ;-)

I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for.  So I am not looking at any real junk (at least I don't think I am) but for the Hobiest that is doing 1 or 2 bodies a year what is the minimum level to purchase,what is Ideal and at what point are you just rthrowing away money.

Looking at Iwata Line I see the Eclipse CS that comes in at around 148.00/cdn at a local retail shop.  How would this stack up against the $60.00 Paasche from the LHS?  Yes I know it is probably better as a whole but will it be better that I will notice.

From a Hobby/Rc perspective is top feed better or worse than bottom feed with Jar?
I recently got a cheepo airbrush and compressor from harbor freight. I think it was about 80 bucks and everything but paint is in the box. Ive been very happy with the results

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I also got mine from harbor freight and it works good. be sure to get a dual action air brush. you'll have better air and paint atomizing.
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I picked up an Paasche Talon Kit, gravity feed Kit. Love it.

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