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Akumu - D4 Oxygen
Recently got a used D4 with Oxygen upgrades, not abused by former owner but needed a lot of TLC to get it to where it is right now. It's been about a week since i started cleaning and tuning her, still not close to where i want it to go.

[Image: _DSC8873.png]

After tunning a TT02 RWD, this belt system seems a tad slow in responses... gotta get me some usukani gear drive or the D4 upgrade. Which do you prefer using?

Thanks for viewing!
I'm using the 3 racing one. Internal ratio is 1.9 however you need to get a solid axle to fit the gears. Not sure about the usukani one.
Overall quite happy with the response. Works well on epoxy and cement. Not sure about carpet.

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i was thinking of going the 3racing gear drive route, been reading about the gear drive from the initial release and have heard the usukani ones uses yokomo compatible gears (or something like it), they tend to strip... but maybe due to low turn motors, i only use 10.5T... this is my current motor turn on this D4 and my TT02 RWD.

we never drive on carpet here, there is no more drift tracks that use them. I'll check out the D4 gear drives again and see if this is really what i want... the appeal of usukani is they can easily be purchased through a local distro.
I had the usukani and striped it super quick. All the guys that run d4's at drift lab circuit local to me run the 3 racing units with no issues.
that confirms it... 3Racing it is, thanks!
Wow, nice looking D4.
@Holeshot, thanks!
bought some upgrades for the D4...

Usukani Knuckes v2 - I really like the simplicity of this knuckle compared to the old usukani kpi knuckles (which i still own), the original design had so many unnecessary options that you paid more for stuff you dont need. Comparing these to the MST kpi knuckles, these new usukani knuckles are way better in price to performance. Originally i had the Eagle Racing kpi knuckles from my TT02 RWD installed, they worked but was a little too bulky. Btw, one of the best features of this v2 knuckles are the axles, they are longer than the old v1's, this allows you to use really small offset wheels combined with thicker wheel hubs.

Usukani front lower arms v2 - these too are really nice, i like the new design. I've been using MST front arms on a lot of my builds, these usukani are definitely better... MST works but never buy the alloy versions because they are not worth it.

Stainless steel screws - I never liked aluminum screws because they strip, the stock screws have a tendency to rust so fast here in the islands where humidity is high. All my cars use stainless screws, currently this kit has about 98% replaced.

[Image: akumu-d4-05-2017-01.jpg]

[Image: akumu-d4-05-2017-02.jpg]

[Image: akumu-d4-05-2017-03.png]

Electronics installed...
Speed Passion Reventon R
Dokyo Drift 10.5T motor
Savox 1252MG servo
Sanwa MT-4 radio
Sanwa SGS-01D gyro

Thanks for viewing!
looking good my friend!

i also just upgraded my D4 with some YR stuff, the usukani seems way better, maybe ill upgrade in the future.
im also going for the nemesiz kit fro DS racing. hope it will be worth the money.

could you tell me where you got the ball joint holder in the front lower arm? (not sure how it called)
Great to hear, hope you get to share some chassis pics of the upgrade done.

I am curious about the Nemesiz, looks kinda wide for my taste. I still have to see someone share his build here.

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