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Akumu - Honda S2000 (rare)
when i shifted from crawling to drifting i collected TA03's, i've had 12 total and had several short chassis TA03S. naturally i needed short bodies. back in 2006 these bodies where already rare but was lucky to buy 2 of S2000's at regular cost of USD$29. Also was lucky enough to own 3 pcs Tamiya Subaru Impresa 22B's, 4 pcs Tamiya Supra GT and the re-released Porsche 911 GT2 (had 2 of them).

I am buying the porsche 911 GT2's now... trying to get as many as i can for use with this short chassis.
I don't know if this has been done but I've been collecting bodies as well. I have a rare Evo 6. I'm hoping to collect more to possibly replicate them and make extras

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i'm not sure if the evo 6 is considered rare, i know those where still available a year or two ago.
I only saw them twice on eBay just the body only. I had to buy mine from Australia.

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the evo 6 is a cool body. so is the evo 5 which has been re-released but now is hard to find again.

i think i can still get the evo 6... i'll go make some calls later this week. :)
here is a link to the updated short chassis build...

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