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Akumu - Sakura D4 RWD build
Recently decided to get back into the hobby after about 5 years of rc drift hibernation. Never had a chance to build a working CS kit but did manage to go half way when the TC-FD was released a few years ago.

Anways, I've recently purchased a Sakura D4 AWD a few weeks ago and built it to spec. I was thinking that purchasing an AWD would allow me to convert to RWD on the fly being priced a bit more... boy was I wrong.  Wtf

This is the Sakura D4 AWD I built before i sold her...

[Image: sakura_d4_090415.png]

Before selling the AWD chassis, I went out to buy a sensored BL motor when i chanced upon a pre-built RWD (no box, manuals or spares) for only US$100 at our local hobby shop, so I grabbed it and rebuilt the chassis. It came with a gold motor mount connector and motor plate which i felt threw off the whole cute pink color scheme, so i decided to de-anodize the whole kit...

[Image: sakura-d4-de-anodized-01.png]

She still lacks a 2.4 radio and batteries to run and test this kit. What i have right now are the following...
  • Speedpassion Reventon R ESC
  • Turnigy 13.5T sensored motor
  • Savox SC-1257TG servo
  • Eagle Racing Peizo gyro
  • Tamiya TRF Fluorine coated damper barrel and Titanium shaft
  • 3Racing 38mm Titanium turnbuckles
  • 3Racing 16T alloy center pulley
  • 26T pinion
Everything else is stock.

Mods done to it are replacing the plastic shock damper barrel with a TRF barrel and Titanium shaft, also increased the size and hole diameter of the rear damper pistons to 4 holes and used 3 holes in front but also increased the diameter. The drift steering plastic center was replaced with 2pcs 4.8mm ball and caps and one of the 38mm titanium turnbuckles (followed Mod19RC's guide).

Here is a crappy shot after doing the steering mod...

[Image: _DSC3722.png]

Yesterday I tinkered with the steering mod again and replaced the ugly tamiya one piece copper balls (not shown).

Here is a shot from the left side...

[Image: sakura-d4-de-anodized-02.png]

Sorry for the messy wiring. This is still a WIP, I can't wait to get a new MT4 or DX4S radio and short lipos (I guess  by next months pay date).

Other priority items that will be purchased soon are KPI Knuckles, 30mm turnbuckles, 0º rear suspension mounts, rear 33T alloy pulley and an extra 171T Bondo rear belt.

I will run and test this build first and see if I can set it up properly before buying CF chassis replacement parts. Future plans are a top or bottom horizontal battery mount.

Thanks for viewing!
Looks way better in bare metal
(09-23-2015, 02:03 PM)glenyboy Wrote:  Looks way better in bare metal

Thanks! i saw a blog with the same de-anodized kit so i knew then that going that route will yield a refreshingly unique Sakura chassis.
the shock tower was a little to high for my supra gt body so I decided to do some modification to the front suspension and converted it to mono shock...

[Image: d4_mono_01.png]

Thanks for looking!
Looks awesome! Definitely inspiring me to modify my kit. Love the de-anodized aluminum. Keep us posted.
Yokomo DP - RWD | Instagram: Hobby_Monster
will do, Thanks!
my Speedpassion Reventon R ESC is broken, darn the sensitivity of this ESC... you can't reporgram without removing the fan conntectors first and a few second reverse polarity and there is no throttle. this is the last time i will buy an ESC from Speedpassion!

Anyways, I've chosen to get the Sanwa MT4 (MT4s was out of stock locally) and also get a better ESC... I got the Tekin RS with the 13.5T Redline sensored motor and Hotwire set. This is how she looks now...

[Image: sakura-d4-102315.png]

I will testing the build later and tune the car for our local track. I will be ordering hopups soon and replace the weakest points of the kit.

here is a shot of my reincarnated body. a bashed Tamiya Supra GT...

[Image: tamiya-supra-gt-sakura-d4-01.png]
How are the monoshock suspension over the regular shock mounting, do you feel more grip/control is provided?
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MST RMX-S 2.0 - RWD - Secondary
I would like to know about the difference between the mono shock vs. standard shock setup as well. It just doesn't seem like it'd be effective...
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HPI Sprint 2 Flux - RWD project
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sorry guys I have not gotten to test the setup.

the mono shock allows less variables to think about, such as getting the left and right dampers equal, etc. from the little bashing i've done in our living room... it feels the same. i'll try and gather more info and post it here within the week.

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