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Akumu - Sakura D4 RWD build
i asked one of the best drifter to drive my car on her maiden run at our local tracks while i sat down and took notes how she handled. i'll report on that once i get the new setup running.

anyways, the steering wiper arm that connects to the servo turnbuckle... that broke after a few laps. it was disappointing to see how bad the plastic was, i mean i thought tamiya was the worst, this is closely coming in 2nd.

shown in the pic are the new mono shock cf mounts, which needs to be shaved (wheel hits the excess areas) off. also this kit still does not have a KPI knuckle, so my friend modified the knuckes and created a new hole for it.

[Image: _DSC4716.png]
still waiting on some parts to come in, using my spare time i've shaved the front mono-shock mount and played around with active camber. still need to test this setup, but from the way everything was mounted (as secure as possible) the front active camber seems like it's not going stay on much longer.

sorry for the crappy shot.

[Image: akumu-sakura-d4-11-10-2015.jpg]
Currently removed the front active camber dampers, it seems with the current configuration it was just useless and added instability. I tried to tinker with it to make it stable (less slop) but adding some kind of support seemed stupid as it deleted the active camber action. I reverted back to the stock upper arms but inverted the bulkhead mounts, also added custom 30mm screws (did not have turnbuckles) to supposedly remove the caster... a failure, but it did lessen it which made the car more manageable to drive.

The TRF rear active camber setup uses 2 large custom hole piston and ATF fluid as oil. It adds some grip to the rear end and pushes the car better on smooth cement tracks.

The mono-shock upfront has a 3 large custom hole piston with stock D4 oil and medium springs. It handles well, in the hands of more experienced drifters in our club she performs sweet.

On my last post, the knuckles where stock D4 but had a modded KPI hole added (drilled a hole behind the stock hole). There was binding even with an 8mm yokomo wheel, so I upgrade those to Boom Racings alloy KPI knuckles... binding gone but not perfect on removing KPI but it seems like it does the job way better than stock. I have however ordered Usukani KPI Knuckles to give better setup options (hopefully arriving next week).

doing some testing in my home, this car runs sweet on a tiled surface, using ProDrift tires front and back (not sure who made them).

This is how she stands to date...

[Image: akumu-d4-112515.jpg]
Looks great man, best part of this hobby is just figuring out what work. Keep the updates coming.
Yokomo DP - RWD | Instagram: Hobby_Monster
what did you use to remove the anodizing?
(11-27-2015, 12:45 PM)idroppedthegrenade Wrote:  Looks great man, best part of this hobby is just figuring out what work. Keep the updates coming.

will do, thanks!

(11-27-2015, 12:47 PM)feint motion Wrote:  what did you use to remove the anodizing?

I used a local drain remover (Caustic Soda) called Gleam Liquid Sosa. You can use Oven Cleaner too.

Thanks, I used oven cleaner, polished out with a dremel.
[Image: d4si_zps9yrcylit.jpg]
That looks really good
That really looks good Fient Motion!

I did not do a high gloss finish on mine, but did polish it a little. I've always liked the flat look.
My Usukani Knuckles just came in last night, i will say they look really cool!

side notes: the 0.9mm grub screw is the only thing i did not like, it is none standard to own a hex wrench of this size so i did not get to install the sweet looking RWD parts that came with this set. Another thing are the outdrives (outer shaft on the D4 manual)... they seem a tad shorter, swapping it out with the original D4 outdrives wont work, don't waste your time as it will require lots of shims.

[Image: usukani-01.jpg]

[Image: usukani-02.jpg]

[Image: usukani-03.jpg]

roughly USD$50... it is simply worth it!

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