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Akumu - Sakura D4 RWD build
The Usukani knuckes are a nice part. I have them along with the lower Y-arms on my chassis.

Eagle Racing TT02 FRD
Sakura D3 & D4

Visit my blog: Mod19 RC
IG: @RexRacer19

[Image: IMG_2485c_zpsnoqm5qqh.jpg]
Looking great man, if I pick up one of these definitely polishing out the pink.
Yokomo DP - RWD | Instagram: Hobby_Monster
comes in several colors... the one i have are silver. there is no need to remove colors, you can even get them in black.
Hows the toe for you? Mine has a ton of toe out. Trying to decide if the steering links are the culprit.

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Yokomo DP - RWD | Instagram: Hobby_Monster
we run our cars in smooth concrete, i have ordered (and will be picking up) MST rear hard tires and just gotten MST silever dots for the front. I have to restart testing when they are all mounted.

Current toe settings are good for tight turns. for long drifts I have to do testing again since i just made some adjustments.

you will need to really play around with toe settings to get the best ackerman/steering angle.
Realized the turnbuckles were built wrong, set them back up and boom can take toe in and out. Definitely want to replace them though, feel like the stocks have way to much flex.
Yokomo DP - RWD | Instagram: Hobby_Monster
finally got the steering and some items from the EMS customs office. Installed the 3Racing titanium turnbuckles and D4 alloy steering.

steering is way better now, it feels more responsive.

[Image: akumu-sakura-d4-011416A.png]

[Image: akumu-sakura-d4-011416B.png]
I've puchased an MST lower and Yokomo upper arms a month or two ago and just found time to tinker with it to get it mounted. i am quite pleased with the outcome...

Here is a shot of the MST lower arm installed. I used my short D4 build 5.8 ball connector... the stock connector was making the chassis too wide.

[Image: akumu-d4-0316-01.jpg.jpg]

[Image: akumu-d4-0316-02.jpg]

Here is a shot of the Yokomo upper arms mount i made using some alloy parts from a very old broken chassis i had.

[Image: akumu-d4-0316-04.jpg]

I had to make some mods to the mono shock mount by shaving some of the CF to prevent scrubbing of parts.

[Image: akumu-d4-0316-05.jpg]

And finally a shot with everything installed...

[Image: akumu-d4-0316-06.jpg]

I am quite happy with this little experiment, not only did it improve on the steering geometry it also removed the slop caused by the stock upper arm. I can't wait to get my hands on the front alloy bulkhead tomorrow, this will make the front more sturdy. I'll update again when i get those de-anodized and installed.
Thats a lovely build you have ;) thx for posting! keep it coming
Excellent chassis!! Ive been wanting to go mono shock in the front, but its been backordered on hobbyking for a while. I have Usukani knuckles as well, and I wanted to share a tip: I didnt have a 0.9 mm driver or whatever the heck it is but i found the tiny grub screw can easily be installed with a toothpick! I found if you kinda mash the end of the toothpick a tiny bit you can get it to spin the screw. I applied lock tight of course, and theyre still holding strong! Thought my discovery might be useful. Keep up the great work on this build!! ???

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