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Akumu - Sakura D4 RWD build
Hi there

Could you post some details on the body mount you installed?

It's magnetic right?
(03-12-2016, 08:30 PM)s13fastback Wrote:  Excellent chassis!! Ive been wanting to go mono shock in the front, but its been backordered on hobbyking for a while. I have Usukani knuckles as well, and I wanted to share a tip: I didnt have a 0.9 mm driver or whatever the heck it is but i found the tiny grub screw can easily be installed with a toothpick! I found if you kinda mash the end of the toothpick a tiny bit you can get it to spin the screw. I applied lock tight of course, and theyre still holding strong! Thought my discovery might be useful. Keep up the great work on this build!! ???

Thanks, I am sure that info would come in handy. I did forget to mention that my method was something similar, I grinded an L shaped (a little smaller than 1.5mm) hex tool wih my dremel and used nail polish in place of locktite.


@Chemic, Thanks will do.
(03-13-2016, 11:18 AM)tasulm Wrote:  Hi there

Could you post some details on the body mount you installed?

It's magnetic right?

The magnetic body mount is from Eagle Racing - SP Magnet Stealth Body Mount Light Type3 (BM-05-SI). It comes with 3M double sided adhesive and magnets for one body shell, you can also get it in different colors. You need to purchase additional magnets 'SP Magnet for BM-05' (BM-0PI) if you plan on mounting different bodies.

There is a similar one, I think from China. I got it used so there is no info. The quality is great, the magnets are better than he ER, you can check the pictures out in some of my earlier post (the pink magnet mounts).

I recently made some changes to the top arm mounts, i noticed that the mounts had some minor slop. what i did was drill the top stock mount all the way through using 3mm drill bit. I secured it by using some leftover long  hex screws and spacers...

[Image: akumu-d4-03-2016-02.png]

[Image: akumu-d4-03-2016-01.png]
finally got the alloy bulkheads. de-anodized, buffed and installed it yesterday.

there where some modifications needed, i shaved the rear bottom part where the top plate sits to make room for the adjustable toe turnbuckles to move freely. i also had to drill out the top shobck mount holes to install the screws i use (no threads on half of the thread area).

[Image: akumu-d4-03-2016-05.png]

[Image: akumu-d4-03-2016-06.png]
Nice thread man!... Diggin your use of aperture in your pics... Very smooth...
Love the build and love the pics. Keep the detailed build Rollin!
Really detailed build mate I'm thinking if making the step from my current set up to a sakura

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thanks guys!
This was a great couple of pages to flip through. Thank you for the photos.

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