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Akumu - Sakura D4 short chassis conversion
I've always wanted to do a short chassis conversion to mount some of my short bodies. I do have a converted HPI CupRacer that was a gift from a good buddy of mine a few years ago but it is not a runner. Anyways, since i have 2 Sakura D4's I've opted to convert one of the them to fit my rare Tamiya Honda S2000 shell and a Porsche 911 GT2 body (taisan) shells.

Here are some shots i did today. It is trial mounting the bulkheads and arms to check if the 911 body fits... happy to report it does!  B)

[Image: _DSC5211.jpg]

[Image: _DSC5208.jpg]

I'll post updates as soon as i get the chassis outline cut. right now i left the whole alloy plate and test mount to make sure i was not wasting time,  hehe

Chassis Plate: Aluminum (i think it's 7071 or 6061) - 3mm thick
Chassis width: 236mm wheelbase
damn nice man!
Yokomo DP - RWD | Instagram: Hobby_Monster

I am almost done with cutting the chassis and will post pics soon.
here are images of the work done to the chassis bottom plate, it is 95% complete because i need a proper countersunk drill bit plus some additional work when i decide how the top battery tray will be mounted.

[Image: sakura-d4s-front.jpg]

[Image: sakura-d4s-rear.jpg]

[Image: sakura-d4s-under-01.jpg]

[Image: sakura-d4s-under-02.jpg]
looks good.
It's looking great! I've seen a couple applications of the "active camber" set up with shocks on the rear upper links. Can you explain the benefit behind it?
Going to run a shorty battery? btw looks amazing man, psyched to see how it drifts.
Yokomo DP - RWD | Instagram: Hobby_Monster
(12-14-2015, 07:23 AM)Tommy R Wrote:  It's looking great!  I've seen a couple applications of the "active camber" set up with shocks on the rear upper links.  Can you explain the benefit behind it?


i have just recently configured my D4 runner and used the spare dampers on this 2nd build. from the few times i have been able to run my D4 RWD runner. the active camber allows the car to have equal footing giving additional grip to the rear wheels. so the body rolls but the tires stay flat on the track.

you have to try it, love it or hate it.  I like it, it will definitely stay on both kits.
This is awesome work. I just ordered a Sakura D4. Also got all the option parts with it. So ill have all the stock parts to make another D4. Would love to make myself a short chassis like this. How did you go about cutting another chassis? If it isn't too much you think you can put up a DIY of how you did it briefly.


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