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Akumu - TC-FD RWD
(09-12-2016, 03:20 PM)H0LESH0T Wrote:  Wow, very nice B)  Are the two top A-arm pins TN Racing?


they are Yokomo Top A-arms
with the electronics installed, i've finally completed the build. made some changes to the gearing and hopefully will be able to speed this baby a bit more.

this video shows the steering and suspension...

Sick build! I ordered a sakura monoshock setup for my Sprint 2 to see how that works. Last night i was able to get the Sakura AuperD rear camber link mixing kit installed on the sprint 2. A little rigging and got it all set up.
Beautiful build. I love the finished look.
Have a question if you don't mind. What is the benefit of the shock placed upside down? I see the rear suspension works really soft & smooth.
Not only the initial compression but also the lateral release is slow & smooth. Is that what flipped shock did?
I have 3*1.5mm & 2*1mm holes on the rear shock with #350 oil and don't think it can achive that amount of smooth movement.
It is smooth enough for me but the rebound is too quick.
Thanks guys!

@aackjw, the only benefit of inverting the shocks is to prevent TRF from leaking.

Not sure if this helps, I use the TRF X-Rings. But what seem to make the dampers rebound fluidly are the pistons drilled out to 4 or more holes to allow the oil to flow fasterm another thing is to extend the shock length a little by using the TRF dampers longer ball ends. I forgot the overall length of the dampers and since i moved the TRF dampers to my TT02 RWD and used a different spring the length is different now.

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