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Aloha Drifter
How's it going everyone? New guy here. I bought a RTR 1/10 drift car last year but didn't start playing with it until I moved to Hawaii a few months back. Anyway I'm hooked and practice damn near everyday. Looking forward to learning new stuff on this forum and hopefully finding (or making) a track locally.

Update: So the bug hit me hard and I went out and bought another RC car. This time I picked up a Tamiya TT01E. I already switched out a lot of pieces during the build so I won't have to switch them out later (one-way diff, adjustable upper arms, aluminum shaft, etc.)    I'm pretty much done with the build and  I'm just tweaking it right now making sure I get everything right.  

[Image: image_1.jpg]
Alright I finally finished my first body last night. I've been done with the chassis for a few days so I was too busy playing with it and realized it would look much better with a body on it. Haha.

The body is the Tamiya Civic Type R. I didn't want to add all the supplied stickers so I used what I wanted and printed out my own. I used an ultra fine sharpie to achieve the trim look. Originally I taped off the roof for the roof trim but I didn't realize the sticker set came with the roof trim. The hood is suppose to be carbon fiber but I layed down the tint to heavy. Might go back and redo that eventually. I also ditched the rim set that came with the kit and opted for a set of TE37 look alikes. Still want to lay down some tint for the windows and still need to install the LED light kit. Not going to spend to much more time on this body however because I have a Hakosuka body that I will be starting soon. This body was basically for practice. I think it came out pretty well.

[Image: 26FC4E7E-5DD5-48B3-AC52-AE15B567D709.jpg]

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